MOUSSE 19-110/90 DURA89.99

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(DURA-MOUSSE / FACTORY IMAGE RACING) Dura-Mousse uses a new additive in its rubber compound which means the foam rises less in temperature. Pressure: 1.2/1.3 bar -They last longer -They lose much less volume as running time increases -They still have no expiry date -Not for road use. Very good wheel feel and grip. Never fit Dura-Mousse to the motorcycle when they are still warm. It is recommended to fit the tyre with well-tightened beadlocks in good condition. Dura-Mousse is not certified for use on asphalt roads Dura-Mousse is made with an elastic material When changing the tyres, you will note that the front and rear foams are not in the same state and/or in their initial shape. Once the new tyres are fitted, the Dura-Mousse will adapt to the new tyre. Assembly recommendations: Lubricate the inside of the tyre with the silicone gel. Cover the Dura-Mousse abundantly with the mousse gel. Insert the Dura-Mousse foam in the tyre Fit the wheel on the tyre and insert the lower edge of the tyre with suitable tyre changers Engage the other shoulder of the tyre with a tyre changer and lock it. On each side of a fixed tyre changer, engage the tyre once more on the right and one more on the left, until it has gone in completely.